Video: Sister Deborah and Efya promote Homosexuality

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Sister Deborah

Singer Sister Deborah and Efya have shared vibrant visuals to their new Afropop joint, “Pure Water”.

The song which was produced by Jeribeatz and directored by Wanlov The Kuborlor saw a male dancing with singer Efya dressed, decorated and dances like a female. The visuals of “Pure Water” according to releases is to an advocacy angle —against palm-sized translucent plastic sachets via which purified water is sold in West African countries.

It seems Sister Deborah and Efya have no issue with homosexuality but do our society accept the act?

This isn’t the first time such act has been shown to the public. You remember Wanlov The Kuborlor’s song titled “My Toto”? Yes that song caused a lot of controversy the week it was released and many Ghanaians back-lashed him for such act, it seems Wanlov is passing same message via his sister new song.

Lets talk about the song and its message and leave the Homo issue aside.

The “Uncle Obama” woman hopes to have them banned, and instead, replaced with biodegradable pure water sachets.

According to the release made by Enews when the song was released, Sister Deborah is strongly campaigning for the correct disposal of the plastic, to facilitate proper recycling.

Environmental protection has proven a cardinal theme in her music for as long as she has been active. It is also prominent in the art of brother, Wanlov The Kuborlor —who directed the video. Back in May, the siblings collaborated on “RefuseReuseRecycle”, a number seeking to educate Ghanaians on the need to be mindful of how our actions affect the environment negatively, recycling as a better alternative to conventional methods of waste management among other things.

Watch Homos dancing with Singer Efya above;

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