WATCH – Video Of Ghanaian Lesbians Chopping Themselves Goes Viral

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Social media has suffered yet again another shock as a video of two shameful girls who call themselves lesbians who were chopping themselves went viral.
If they were in Ghana they’d probably have to hide to save themselves from lynching but a Ghanaian lesbian couple in the UK don’t have anything to worry about and are very open about their relationship and the nasty things they do to each other in bed.

A video of the lesbian couple, who are believed to reside in the United Kingdom, has gone viral with social media unable to get enough of it.

The video, which was spotted, shows the duo in bed ready to get down to business blowing their brains out.

One of the two, reportedly known as Lyn, warns others not to worry them and leave them in peace as they are getting ready to ‘eat’ themselves, in this case quite literally.

The brazenness with which Lyn declares her intentions is of course upsetting social media, but whether you are pissed off or not something is going to go down in that bed.

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