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Akpeteshie, Volta Region, Coronavirus

The Volta Region of Ghana, for the first time has recorded a massive shortage of “Akpeteshie” in the region due to the outbreak of the life-threatening coronavirus in the country.

The shortage of locally manufactured drink is due to high patronage by indigenes since there has been a massive hike in prices of hand sanitizers across the region and the country as a whole. The masses have resorted to drinking and using it as a sanitizer even though health officials never advised citizens to use it but rather advised the use of “alcohol-based sanitizers” to wash hands, celebritiesbuzz.com.gh reports.

The drink used to sell for 50p for 1 tot but as the demand has risen in the region, bartenders are selling it for 2.00gh a tot. With the virus being contagious and the country recording its 7th coronavirus case, citizens are finding new ways to protect themselves from the virus before it kills them.

Akpeteshie, Volta Region, CoronavirusAbout Akpeteshie

Akpeteshie is the national spirit of Ghana, produced by distilling palm wine or sugar cane. It is the most popular alcoholic drink in Ghana with many accolades such as apio, ogoglo, ogogoro (Ogog’) , VC10, Kill Me Quick, Efie Nipa, Kele, Kumepreko, Anferewoase, Apiatiti, Home Boy, Nana Drobo, One Touch among others.

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