I Want To Stop Paying Tithe – Mike Gizo backs Okraku Mantey

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Mike Gizo
Mike Gizo

Multimedia presenter and radio producer, Michael Nana Wiafe, known as Mike Gizo has also backed Mark Okraku Mantey’s take on tithe as the renowned artiste manager said yesterday on radio that he doesn’t pay tithe.

Tithe refers to one-tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy. It has also proven to be a norm in almost all churches in Ghana.

Individuals take one-tenth of the monthly salaries or income to the church as a sign of obedience to the word of God. It is believed that doing this will cause God to shower his blessings on his people.

According to the artiste manager and President of the Creative Arts Council, he thinks it is better to donate to the poor than to pay tithe’s to churches who don’t use these tithes for the wrong purposes.

Many have argued that tithes are been used by pastors to acquire properties for themselves. Not long ago, we saw pastors here in Ghana flaunting their cars and fat bank accounts which are all coming from the tithe’s that the poor and rich at churches pay.

On Hitz Fm today, radio producer Mike Gizo was asked whether he pays tithe like other Christians do, to our surprise he said he pays but he really wants to stop.

“I pay, but on a second thought, I want to stop. I think now the churches are using tithes for a different course. That is how it seems. Pastors are flaunting rolls Royce and other cars, but what happens to the poor?”, he asked.

The radio producer alleged that poor people are getting poorer because these tithes are being used for the wrong purposes.

The question is will you pay your tithe?

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