WATCH: A Fuel Tanker Will Kill People On Tema Motorway This Thursday – Eagle Prophet

Asamoah Gyan, Eagle Prophet
Eagle Prophet

Prophecy upon prophecy! Eagle Prophet, well known for his doom prophecies has again prophesied and this time around it is very threatening.

As we know, giving out these ‘doom’ prophecies has become the norm these days, particularly talking about celebrities who are set to die. These days doom prophecies take people to church for they fear they will die, as pastors and prophets make earns and double their wealth as a result.

That notwithstanding, some of these prophecies come to pass, and our prophets ‘collect their name’ from the outcome.

However, rarely are prophecies so specific, with a date and even time – and thus this one from Eagle Prophet instantly caught our eye.

According to him, Ghana is going to be rocked tomorrow as a fuel tanker is going to explode on the Tema Motorway, erupt into flames and engulf shoppers at the Mall.

As we all know the Accra Mall is a busy place and hundreds of people go there – to buy and sell.

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Eagle Prophet claims he received the vision from God that the accident would occur around noon on Thursday.

Usually such prophecies tend to be vague but with this one being so specific we can definitely track it and come back later and declare bullsh** when it fails to come to pass.

Of course, he probably already has his excuse that they ‘prayed’ and averted the prophecy when nothing happens – but some Ghanaians are already scared and have sworn not to use the motorway tomorrow.

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