Watch: Funny Face gets new car again from Adebayor

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Comedian Funny Face has finally picked the car of his choice from the house of footballer Emmanuel Adebayor.

Earlier in the week, the Togo international surprised the comedian after asking him to go to his house and pick any car of his choice.

In a post on Instagram, Adebayor said Funny Face made his day and asked the comedian to go to his house and pick any car.

“I actually just got back from training. You made my day man, go to the house and take any car you want man,” the striker wrote.

An elated Funny Face responded with love emojis, adding: Kasoa Van Damme is going to Adebayor’s house like Cyborg.” The comedian has now moved to pick the car of his choice and he shared the moment on Facebook.

Funny Face went into Adebayor’s garage and after scouring the place he picked a white Porsche as his choice.

The bromance between Adebayor and Funny Face started in 2012 when the footballer gifted the comedian a customized Range Rover SUV.

In 2018 when the Funny Face celebrated his birthday, the footballer again gave him a blank cheque to mark the day.


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