Watch: Man who charges for taking pictures on Adomi Bridge busted

Adomi Bridge

A few days ago, it emerged that authorities at the Adomi Bridge per the direction of the President charge tourists a certain amount of money before they are allowed to take pictures.

Well, footage of the man who is supposedly charging people for taking pictures on the Adomi Bridge has popped up.

In the video, the man whose identity is yet to be ascertained is seen in a heated argument with tourists who are sharing their sentiments on why he charges such amount of money and the authorities who have given him the go-ahead to do so.

The man who looked frustrated is seen trying to hide his face from the camera recording him while he engages onlookers about his supposed activities.

The story came up when Ghanaian comedian, Guru disclosed that he was asked to pay GHC 4 before taking a picture at the Adomi Bridge, one of the iconic landmarks in Ghana and this is something that has really made him upset.

Guru was clearly frustrated by the turn of event and after showing the receipt on his social media platform, proceeded to subtly blast the president, Nana Akufo Addo for such development.



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Man who charges money for taking pictures on the Adomi Bridge busted

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