Wendy Shay Disrespects The Presidency, Calls President Nana Addo ‘Chief Uber Driver’.

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Nana Addo, Wendy ShayNana Addo, Wendy ShayNana Addo, Wendy ShayNana Addo, Wendy ShayNana Addo, Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay and Nana Addo

Rufftown records female artiste, Wendy Addo aka Wendy Shay, has described Nana Addo the President as the chief uber driver of Ghana.

This can be taken back to Wendy Shay’s literal and hit song ‘Uber Driver’. The song has been classified per it literal meaning as being profane. In the song, the female singer used lines like, ‘Nana Addo p3 hw3′, ‘John Mahama nso p3 hw3’, interprets, ‘Nana Addo likes watching, John Mahama likes watching . Well, most Ghanaians have argued that the use of ‘hw3’ in the song literally means ‘tw3′(vagina).

Using the current and former president as characters in such a song has drawn the attention of many. It is obvious that people think it is a huge disrespect to the president.

Nana Addo, Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay and Nana Addo

Last week, several blogs reported and shared photos of Wendy Shay’s meeting with President Nana Addo, with the likes of Obour (President Of Musiga) captured in the picture.

Following the event, Wendy Shay was interviewed by Abeiku Santana on Atuu which is aired on UTV where her visit was discussed. In the interview Wendy Shay was heard telling the host that the president is the chief uber driver, hence ‘)p3 hw3‘ (which is literally translated as  )p3 tw3 ).

In the interview, the rufftown music signee, who has had her breakthrough via this song and Abeiku Santana joked around the literal expression. She further revealed in the interview that the president, the first gentleman of the land has actually endorsed the song.

However, the presidency in response to this have come out to disclaim the endorsement.

With these development, many have shown gross displeasure in how the female singer has taken issues and made conversations between her and the first gentleman of the land public, hence has exposed her immaturity.

Many are of the view that the female singer has disrespected the Presidency with her utterances and her song. Looking at how the driving profession hasn’t been awarded the needed respect. What is your take on this?

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