Wendy Shay changes ‘Shaytans’ to ‘Shayfans’ due to Arabic meaning

Rufftown Records newly signed artiste Wendy Shay has changed her fanbase name from ‘Shaytans‘ to ‘Shayfans‘ after learning the former meant ‘devil’ or an ‘evil person’ in the Moslem language.

Wendy Shay who was signed to Rufftown Records after dancehall/Afropop songstress Ebony died earlier this year. Her first single ‘Uber Driver’ received much recognition as it got a million views in just six weeks. Having penetrated the music market, she decided to name her fanbase and devised the name, ‘Shaytans‘ coined from her own name.

Little did she know that the name ‘Shaytans‘ meant a different thing in Arabic.

According to Wikipedia ‘Shaytans‘ (Arabic) which has the same origin as Hebrew (Sātān), refers to an evil disposed, vicious or cunning person. However, Arabic etymology relates ‘Shaytan‘ to the root ‘sh-t-n’ (distant or one who goes astray). As an adjective, it can apply to any other being.

Wendy Shay‘s attention was drawn to this fact by an entertainment critic called Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa on Facebook. She agreed to the fact and decided her fanbase be called ‘Shayfans‘.

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