I Will Accept A Church Built By A Cocaine Dealer – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha

Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha, has revealed that he will accept anything from a cocaine dealer, even if it is a church and he has his reasons.

Hypocrisy they say is the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. Would you say Prophet Kumchacha is a hypocrite for being honest about himself and his belief?

The argument has been whether gospel show hosts should participate in the upcoming Adonko RTP awards. In view of this, many have suggested that Gospel musicians show hosts should boycott the event, with others counteracting those suggestions alleging that the brand has nothing to do with the content and what the award represents.

Speaking on the issue on Adom Fm Yesterday, September 22, Prophet Kumchacha alleged that it will be hypocritical on the side of any gospel artiste or gospel show host. Making his submission, the man of God revealed that he sees nothing wrong with Adonko sponsoring the event.

“I don’t agree with them, It is a company that is sponsoring the event. As a pastor, if Adonko is sponsoring or offering to help my event, I won’t refuse their offer because I am a pastor, never”, he said

He further revealed that he has no problem with offerings and help that comes from sinners since the church is there to save sinners. He concluded by saying should a cocaine dealer build a church for him, he will accept it without thinking twice.

“Out of 10% church members, 8% engage in jobs that aren’t right in the sight of God but with time they will repent. People sell alcohol and give offerings at church, we cant base on that, if we should, then every pastor would have to find out the source of income of his church members before they give their offerings, but we don’t ask”

The host asked the man of God whether he was ever going to accept a church which was built by Adonko or any other alcoholic brand.

“I will accept it, why not? Listen, I Prophet Kumchacha, if a cocaine dealer buys a car for me i will accept it. If a cocaine dealer builds a church for me, I will accept it and worship God in it”, he answered.

He explained that he is using the gift from the cocaine dealer to worship God and that does not mean the cocaine dealer will make it to heaven after giving him the gift. He added that God won’t accept the cocaine dealer if he doesn’t repent, irrespective of what he has done for God.

Is Prophet Kumchacha a Hypocrite?

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