Will Joselyn Dumas Sue Abeiku Santana For Defamation And Fraud?

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Joselyn, Abeiku Santana

Actress and television presenter, Joselyn Dumas threatened to sue Abeiku Santana, host of ATUU on UTv for defamation and fraud.

Actress Joselyn Dumas was in the news as reported by several blogs for allegedly dating her colleague actor John Dumelo for two years.

This went viral after an ad for Joselyn’s interview with Abeiku Santana on ATUU was aired on UTV. In the Ad, Joselyn was asked, ‘Did You Date John?’ She answered, ‘yes’. Again, the Ad revealed that Joselyn had dated John Dumelo for two years, and that was a shocking news to most Ghanaians who were waiting for the list of ladies the actor had dated to be updated.

Well, it appears the Ad had been doctored, yes, the ad according to Joselyn Dumas had been edited, because she claims she never said that. In response to these rumours, Joselyn came out on social media to debunk the rumours but Abeiku Santana hasn’t said a word about the issue.

However, Joselyn seems to be boiled up, in an interview with Lexis Bill, host of Drive Time on Joy, she revealed that she is taking legal actions against Abeiku Santana and UTv

“I am suing them; my lawyers are working on it. I think something has been done, it it is sanitation we need in our industry then so be it. Because people cannot doctor, why can’t I go on Lexis Bill show on drive time and have a nice interview without the sound bites being picked and sort of pieced together to make it sound like something that is not” she said

We gather that she has served UTV and Abeiku Santana a writ of sermons.

But, will the female presenter go ahead and sue them after UTV’s apology or she will let it go and accept the apology?

SEE UTV’s Apology:

UTV Joselyn Dumas Apology

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