You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Anita Owusu Fan!

Anita Owusu

What would you do if you received a phone call telling you that you had won 500 cedis?​ Samuel Boakye
Acheampong, the 23 year old​ student from NkawKaw​ who’s pursuing a long distance program with UCC
(University of Cape Coast), decided to seize this opportunity. He hopped into a trotro and travelled from the
Eastern Region to Accra, for the first time in his life, to pick-up the promised 500 cedis prize for entering TV
Presenter Anita Owusu’s Father’s Day InstaVoice ​Sweepstakes. At the end of the day, Samuel walked away
with 3,000 cedis instead!

Samuel arrived thirty minutes early at The Shop Accra in Osu where he would be awarded his prize. He was
then asked to wait for the five other confirmed winners. Samuel waited and waited, but the other five winners
DID NOT SHOW UP. So in a stunning move, Anita Owusu decided to surprise Samuel by awarding him the
entire 3,000 cedis cash prize, which was transferred to him on the spot through mobile money.

“Lots of people don’t seem to believe in this sort of competition, but I have already awarded a number of
winners on my InstaVoice pages in the past years. As you can see it’s very true,” revealed Anita Owusu. “I’m
very happy that my competition with Instavoice, the participating networks, and the MCPR Africa team made
Samuel’s dreams come true. I hope we have sent a message to subscribers and winners who fail to show up.”

InstaVoice Channels is a celebrity voice messaging service that now includes video. Fans subscribe to listen
to daily messages from their favorite celebrities for a small fee on all networks. Over the years, Public
Relations firm MCPR Africa has been concerned that most subscribers to InstaVoice services do not believe
that the competitions are real. In a number of cases, it’s the second, third and even fourth place winners who
receive the awards due to NO SHOW or NO RESPONSE by initial winners.

In response to his win, Samuel Boakye Acheampong remarked, “I was so shocked and happy. I wasn’t even
sure of the initial 500 cedis when I got the call, but I told myself that once I’ve been invited and I have given my
word, I have to honour it. This is a miracle, I am now able to pay my school fees. I will be going to church to
give thanks to God.”

He added, “I was trying to figure out how to make ends meet, and I took a chance. I never, ever thought that
something like this would be possible. The other winners should have AT LEAST made an effort to show up.
They should have been here to verify before drawing any conclusions. But I thank them for not coming
because I’m now 3,000 cedis richer!”

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