Young Lady couldn’t hide her happiness as she flaunts her new Car at age 17

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The acquisition of luxury is something no one would miss out on this days and that’s why one young lady has seen the need to go get it by flaunting her new car on social media.

Keira Janai, by name is a young student at the age of 17 and the person wildly talked of now. She openly expressed her joy as she took to her social media wall (Facebook) to showcase her brand new car and as well gave thanks to God and her parents for assisting her with this.

In her post on Facebook she wrote this:

Nun happy to say I got my first 2021 brand new car at 17 🥺🥺🥺with the help of my parents and God it was a success 🥰it was tiring and hard asf but I still managed to stay positive throughout the entire process and thanks to everybody that supported me with my hair and nail business. I literally was at work almost everyday just to make sure I had enough money to put down on a car 😭I’m thankful and blessed noCapp ‼️


Followers and eye witness of this exposure has reacted to Janai new acquisition especially just at the age of 17. Even though she is a young student she has gotten the privilege especially with the help of her parents.

Here in Africa, it is not likely to see such incidents happening. Maybe either for the fact that the system itself would not how you to have the financial manpower to go for such purchases at a young age just like Janai have done at 17.


But regardless of how justifiable it is we still wish and congratulate her for her new brand new car. What would be your thoughts about this topic ?

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